Thursday, August 22, 2013

Week 1- Why technology in elementary education

Technology in Elementary Education

Technology in education is the future. It is education's decision to keep up is good for the students, parents as well as the teachers. Technology helps kids feel like the information that they learning in school is relevant and applicable to daily life. This integration of technology should be incorporated at a young age in elementary school. Schools should keep up with current technology for the students to "speak the student's language" as well as the ease of communicating with the parents. Technology in the classroom helps the students receptiveness on school subjects not to mention the new places that teachers can explore with the class with keeping up with new technologies. The purpose of the classroom is to better the students and their futures in an ever growing technological society. Let alone each student's educational career going into middle school needs to have a solid base in technology  The students need to be prepared at learn on different types of mediums early in their schooling.   

Teachers are starting to use smart phones in the classroom. The argument for more technology in the classroom here is an article on how teachers should let students use their phone to help with the STEM subjects for more information.

In particular, here are some technologies that can help in any age classroom. A great technology is Remind 101 which is a safe, secure way for teachers to send text or email reminders and information to their students' parents or in secondary schools, even the students. For more information about Remind 101 click here. 

An interactive way for students to submit answers for daily quizzes on their smart phone is the GoSoapBox app. This is a powerful flexible app that teachers can mold to their own teaching style. For more information on this technology and a tour of the product,click here.

Another exciting technology for the classroom is Dojo. This is a program that can be used for education k-12 and is used to immediately reinforce good behavior and give teachers the ability to get instant data on long-term behavior of students for parents or administrators. Not only that, it is interactive with cute avatars for the children to design their own and creates more of an ambition to have good behavior for points awarded.

For more information or to create a new Dojo for your classroom click here. 

As for devices the iPad seems to be the forerunner in the race for technology in the classroom. All ages and grade levels can use an iPad in the classroom. IPad is transforming the classroom with lessons and textbooks on the iPad. For more information about iPad in Education, 
click here.

For iPad in the classroom, there are lots of exciting apps for teachers are available as well as iSummit. ISummit is convention-like situation where teachers can learn more about the latest apps and network and spread new ideas on how teachers can expand learning through technology on the iPad. Here is a link to watch a video of how Atlanta, GA is using iSummit to promote education on 11 Alive news station, an NBC channel. 

As for my experiences in school, the technology incorporation was just at its early birth.  Some teachers had some incorporated technology but very limited. Other than normal lab work for research papers, not as much was available. I can see a bright future for future students with these new technologies, Remind 101, Gosoapbox, Dojo, and devices like the iPad. New technology that is available for future students in the twenty first century with teachers updated on new technologies is a positive turn for education of all disciplines and ages.   

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